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Each of our passenger elevators is always tailored to its respective application. thyssenkrupp systems feature a long service life, individual design and extremely high efficiency. Because intelligent energy recovery technology pays off in the long run.

synergy 100

Pure and efficient. synergy 100 is the perfect solution for small residential buildings with up to 12 stops. Guaranteed performance at the right price.

synergy 200

Stylish and flexible. synergy 200 is the comfort solution of our synergy family of elevators, for mid-range residential buildings and small offices, hospitals and hotels with up to 20 stops.

synergy 300

Versatile and smart. synergy 300 is the passenger elevator for low-rise commercial buildings that require exceptional convenience and an efficient elevator with high flexibility regarding design and space.

evolution 100

Robust and reliable. evolution 100 is our durable value for money solution that enhances mid-rise commercial buildings and makes business sense with a fast return on investment.

evolution 200

High-performance and flexibility. evolution 200 is the performance solution for mid-rise commercial buildings that require to deliver a perfect experience in design and convenience (ride-comfort).

evolution 300

Powerful and customizable. Thanks to its forward-thinking design and best-in-class technology, our evolution 300 passenger elevator is both a trendsetter and a giant step ahead.

evolution® blue

The energy-efficient and powerful elevator system, technically extremely flexible and to within a millimeter customizable. For buildings up to 100 meters with up to 2.5 m/s and in special trim levels from panorama-cabin to bed elevator.

Top-class performance- and special elevators

  • uniq
    The elevator for individual special requirements.
  • sonic
    The extra-fast elevator for buildings with many storeys.
  • coupl
    The double-cabin elevator with a higher conveyance capacity.
  • TWIN®
    The elevator system with two independent cabins in a single shaft.