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  • Regerenative drives
    Elevators with regenerative drives use up to 50% less energy than conventional drives. Energy produced when the cabins are braking is converted to electricity that can be used throughout the building – saving resources as well as energy.
  • PM drives
    The gearless PM drive offers consistently high performance and a long service life, while using 50% less energy than conventional systems.
  • Frequency converters
    An elevator with a frequency converter is significantly more efficient than a system with a conventional, unregulated drive. Energy savings of up to 40% are possible, depending on the system’s size and type. The recovered energy can be used for other functions within your building, such as air conditioning and lighting.


  • LED lighting
    LEDs save up to 50% of the energy used by conventional light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. They achieve a superior light yield and are more durable than traditional light sources.


  • BLUE
    The BLUE concept marries ecology with economy in an unprecedented way – thanks to an innovative combination of design and technology.
  • TWIN®
    A paragon of technological efficiency and precision, TWIN® features two independent cabins, one above the other, in a single elevator shaft. This saves space and materials, as TWIN® needs a third less shaft volume than conventional elevators.
  • Escalators and moving walks
    Escalators and moving walks efficiently guide high-volume pedestrian traffic through a building. Innovative energy-saving systems, LED lighting, low-maintenance eco chains and a long service life all help save significant operating costs.

Standby mode

  • Lighting
    An elevator uses up to 60% of its energy while standing still. Cabin lighting is a major culprit. Switching the lights off when the cabin is not in use provides energy savings of up to 60%.
  • Controller
    In addition, an intelligent controller can ensure that the elevator goes into standby or sleep mode when not in use, saving up to 40% of the energy required.
  • Energy Efficiency Converter (EEC)
    The EEC is ideal for use in new or existing buildings. Its intelligent technology adapts power consumption to the current load of the escalator or moving walk. Energy-saving mode is activated if the load is at or under 50% of the system's capacity.


  • E.COR controller
    E.COR is an ecological, economical controller for the new generation of elevators. Thanks to its energy recovery mechanism, it moves you toward a more energy-efficient future.
  • Destination Selection Control (DSC)
    Destination Selection Control helps manage pedestrian traffic and increases conveyance capacity by up to 30%. Passengers select their destination before entering the cabin, and DSC directs them to the optimum elevator.
  • e-escalator
    e-escalator is the new escalator generation with unparalleled high availability. The world's first "Internet escalator" sets new standards and opens up an array of innovative service options.


  • Recycling
    The thyssenkrupp Aufzüge production sites are certified to the environmental management system ISO 14.001. A special ecological highlight: Our BLUE components are made from high-quality, nearly 100% recyclable materials and also offer a long service life.